Wokecustoms X Brainlessspikes

Wokecustoms X Brainlessspikes


Brainless Spikes and wokecustoms have teamed up to bring their communities something truly special. In a recent giveaway, Brainless Spikes gave away a custom pair of Nike Air Force sneakers to one lucky member of their community. But this is just the beginning of what these two brands have in store.

Brainless Spikes has announced that they will be working alongside Marvel, Sony, and Netflix 3D artists to create a 1 million USD animated series. This is an exciting opportunity for both the brainless spikes community and the wider world of 3D art and animation.


But that's not all. The partnership between brainless spikes and wokecustoms also offers unique solutions for connecting physical sneakers with digital characters. The two brands have mutual interest in future sneaker collection drops and finding new ways to offer their services to each other's communities.

brainlessspikes custom nike air force 1 giveaway


Overall, the collaboration between Brainless Spikes and Wokecustoms is one to watch out for. With exciting projects on the horizon and a shared focus on creativity and innovation, these two brands are sure to make waves in the world of 3D art and sneaker culture.

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