Shipping and Returns


(Once Product is Shipped Not Including Production Time)

 3 - 5 Days domestic delivery

 2 - 4 week international delivery

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Itella smartpost (local deliveries)

Omniva (international deliveries)

Ups (express deliveries)


Shoe’s will be created guaranteed to the design, shoe style, and size you ordered or we will offer a refund.

Payments will be refunded within 14 days.

Make sure if you select wrong size or address that you cancel within 24 hours of placing order

All custom shoe orders are a final sale. Except when the customer is not pleased with the color of the design or if the shoe does not fit properly.

If any problems with the order please contact customer service:

mom and daughter wearing matching white nike air force 1 sneakers

Matching family shoes 

We love designing sneakers for families. What we adore even more is the chance to unite families by matching the entire family’s shoes.

All styles of shoes are available for customisation, and we can even include small details like initials and birthdays.

We gather the pairs, design them, and deliver them to your door, you sit back and relax!

Custom order
Two pairs of matching jordan 1 sneakers in white black and brwon

His and Hers Shoes

We're passionate about crafting 'his and hers' shoes for couples. What truly excites us is the opportunity to celebrate love by synchronizing the footwear for him and her.

Every shoe style can be personalized to your liking, with the option to incorporate subtle touches such as initials or anniversary dates.

Once you select your designs, we'll work our magic, preparing them with care and precision. Step into a harmonized journey with every foot forward!

Custom Order
Custom hand painted nike air force 1 white sneakers with a minimalist black design of initials

Personalised gifts

Dive into a world of meaningful giving with our range of personalised gifts. Every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just a token of appreciation, becomes infinitely more special when it carries a personal touch.

From intricately crafted keepsakes for loved ones to bespoke treasures for corporate milestones, our personalised gifts make every gesture memorable. Embrace the art of thoughtful gifting, where every item holds a world of emotions.

Custom Order
custom air force 1 sneakers with a blue box logo design and blue nike logos, picture features multiple pairs of custom nike air force 1s

Matching team shoes

Whether it's for a corporate retreat, sports squad, or a community group, unified footwear not only enhances camaraderie but also amplifies a collective identity. Our range ensures that every pair resonates with your team's ethos, colors, and logo.

From sleek designs for formal events to sporty iterations for athletic endeavors, our matching shoes stand as a testament to unity, collaboration, and pride. Elevate your team's bond and stride forward in perfect sync, showcasing cohesion from the ground up.

Custom Order